Starting my morning off right with my happy chai spice latte (with maca)!

(dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free)Over the last few days/maybe weeks (who knows ~ it’s all been a blur) my emotions have been on an up and down roller coster. Between trying to get my website together, quitting my job & reapplying to school, I’ve been wearing myself thin.
Every time I reincorporate maca into my diet during times like this, I can see a difference in my mood. I’m a lot calmer, more focussed and more alert. Maca is one of my favourite “super foods” since it has so many health benefits.
1) It’s good for hormone balance (I love it during pms times-hehe). 2) It’s an adaptogen so it helps your body adapt to stressors. 3) It’s an antioxidant booster, very rich in a variety  of different nutrients.

Anyways, instead of making one of my maca powder smoothies, on a chilly fall day, I figured out a hot/cozy latte would be more appropriate, with the same benefits!
And on a side note, the rest of the ingredients and spices also have a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s great for that bloat or swollen post work out muscles!

lavender copy.png

And if you don’t have maca, I’m sure my chai latte recipe will be a happy one as well.
Disclaimer!! I am not a nutritionist (yet!), and all the information I am providing is based off of my own experience and information, I’ve accumulated over the years! 

1 1/2 c        water
2 tbsp        ground coffee
1/2 c          almond milk
1/2 tbsp     honey
1/2 tsp       maca powder
1/4 tsp       cardamon (or 2 cardamon pods)
1/2 tsp       fresh grated ginger
1                cinnamon stick
1                clove
pinch of ground black pepper

(makes two cups)
First, brew your coffee! Then add all ingredients into a pot, stir and heat on low for at least 5 minutes (make sure it doesn’t boil). Drain and enjoy!



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