Bob’s Burger! Today’s special is veglicious! Bring out your big buns for these papeas.

(vegan, nut free!)
I’ve been laughing at my own joke for way too long right now.
Anyway! Here’s a little vegan burger recipe right in time for BBQ season! I have been testing these guys out a few times to get them just right. And I think my guinea peas can agree these were pretty damn good!

These guys are pretty good on their own, but also go well with all the regular burger toppings everyone loves! If you want to try something new I recommend a beetroot and horseradish spread! It gives the burger a nice spicy kick. It’s also very easy to make! Maybe I’ll post my recipe sometime soon, if you guys are interested!

Little chickpea tips… If you’re using chickpeas from dry, instead of canned ones (which I recommend; less waste, more bang for your buck and better in taste) soak them overnight and then cook them for about an hour before making your patties. And a friendly reminder, that chickpeas double in size while they soak, so put them in a big enough container with enough water, because they will spill out!

2c.       cooked chickpeas
1tsp.    salt
2tsp.    ground cumin
1/2tsp. turmeric powder
2          garlic cloves
1/2.      onion
1/4c.    fresh cilantro
1          flax egg
1/3c.    rolled oats
1tbsp.  fresh lemon juice
2tbsp.  all purpose flour

(makes 7 to 8 patties)

First, prepare all your ingredients; chop your garlic, onion and cilantro, rinse your chickpeas, make your flax egg and squeeze your lemon. In a food processor throw in your chickpeas, spices, garlic, onion, cilantro and flax egg. Pour the mixture in a bowl and then fold in the rolled oats and lemon juice. If the mixture is too wet to hold a patty form, add flour a tablespoon at a time until it does.
Depending on the desired size of patties you want use a 1/3c. or 1/2c. measuring cup (I used 1/3c.) to scoop up the mixture, and make all the patties the same size. With your hands flatten down and shape the patty, set aside until your do the whole bowl.
Get your pan ready by putting a little bit of oil in a skillet, and heat it up on medium heat. When it’s hot throw the patties on to the skillet and let them cook until they’ve browned on the bottom, about 4 to 5 minutes. Then flip them over and cook for another 4 to five minutes.
Take the patties out of the pan and serve them how ever you wish! In a bun, on top of a salad or as a side!

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