about me

picHello! Thank you so much for visiting! My name is Carolyn, and welcome to Little Bun, a food & health blog, based in Montreal, Canada.

I created this website to combine my love of baking, my knowledge in health & my creativity. I want to keep exploring new recipes, food photography, photoshop and website development. So bare with me I’m very new to all of this!

Four years ago I started working at a bakery as a cashier. I was bored, so I just started taking on baking tasks, until I was promoted to baker! Ever since learning about about different ganaches, pastry creams and baking techniques, in a professional environment, I couldn’t stop! I wanted to know more, challenge myself more. So, I did. In my little kitchen(s) I would set out to try new recipes, perfect them & share them to my friends. Baking has become a huge part of my life, it’s the thing that calms me down and makes  me feel most accomplished. Last year I created my obsession into an instagram account, littlebunbakes, now into the website you’re on right now!

Along with baking, this website will include a healthy nutritional approach. Being raised by a naturopath (shout out to my Mama!), there was a strong emphasis on leading a healthy holistic life style since I was but a baby. In my later years I had developed an unhealthy relationship with food, but it made me learn the importance of having a well balanced diet. And look at me now! Low key walking in my mom’s footsteps, seeking out a healthy lifestyle and a (fingers crossed) future in holistic nutrition.

Here at Little Bun,  I want to combine these two aspects of my life (health & food). Since adopting a plant-based diet this year, Little Bun is now a site filled with vegan recipes and my thoughts about my health journey experiences.

Feel free to reach out if you have anything to say! Enjoy!